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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Office 2007 Trial expired!

To remove the trial activation :

1. Close all Microsoft Office applications.
2. Run Register Editor by clicking on Start -> Run, and then type “regedit” in the Open box and press Enter key.
Navigate to the following registry key:
Note that inside the registry key, there should be another subkey that resembles the following:
3. If there is more than one registry entries or subkeys that reference Microsoft 12.0 registration, open up each subkey, and then identify the product by the ProductName value data until you locate the subkey for the product which you want to remove the existing product license key.
For example:
ProductName=Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007ProductName=Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007
4. Once found the correct registry subkey, delete the following values:
5. Close Registry Editor.

Next, we want to delay the expiry.

1. In Windows Explorer, brose to the following folder:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller\Proof.en\
Right click on Proof.XML file, select “Open With…” in the right click menu.
2. In the “Open With” window, select Notepad to be used to open the XML file. In Vista, if you can’t see the Notepad option, simply double click the “Other Programs” to unhide it.
Scroll down to the bottom of the Proof.XML to locate the following lines:

3. Change the AlwaysInsalled to neverInstalled so that the line looks like following:

4. Save the Proof.xml file. In Windows Vista, you may need to take ownership and grant full access permission to yourself before able to modify the file.
5. You can now launch Microsoft Office 2007 application such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and etc without prompting for activation.

However, I wish to stress that this is a delay technique only. You will still be missing updates, patches and other important features of Office 2007. However, this will give you enough time to quickly make the purchase and reactivate it to enjoy the full version.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

PL4L - Pay Less 4 Less

Yes, we should have a pay less for less campaign. We are asking for less salt, less sugar, less fat and less whatever. But the price we pay for asking for less? We pay more?

It is just not logical that when manufacturer uses less of these ingredients, it would end up charging the consumer more for it? Why? Are consumers just suckers? Or somehow manufacters hass found a way to justify it would cost more if they put less of something into their product? This alll sound so fishy. Did the Sugar Association brided all the manufacturer to put more sugar into their products? And as a result of less sugar, they lose the support of the Sugar Association (less bribe may result too).

Thats why we need to have this PL4L campaign. We should ask for less and in turn pay less for them. Maybe I will start a petition to get this started.

Warzone - Windows

The windows are finally in place after hacking it to pieces few days back on 0+6 days. Its now 0+8 days and its almost over... The windows does look weak because its light, but I guess thats how it is nowadays.

Very soon, these will be all over...

Warzone - Rebuild

The toilet is over there...

No, I don't have a matching pipes, but I get a clearer picture today. Day 0 +6, the wall and pipe can be clearly be seen now... This will be what it look like until the end. No, you still can't use it at all. The pipes were sealed and the wall prepared for relaying the tiles.

Warzone - Warpath

This is the make shift mat put in place and the workers are moving in and out on this. Although so, the rest of the place is pretty much covered up on my own and covered with dust. Nothing much has changed and the toilet is doing testing. This is day 0+4.

Warzone - Destruction

This is 0+2 days after it all started. The toilet is totallly destroyed. As you can see, all that is left is the ground and dust. Some pipe still stands though.

Warzone - Dust Storm

I try to capture the actual extend of the dust storm without having to witness it myself... Ok, the W660i camera really sucks at this, but I hope it is still able to show those cloudy dust on top of the cover sheets here.
It was fortunately that Xiao P was the first to be send out on 0-2 days, Due to the noise that came from my neighbour who started, Xiao P woke up and thought Apocalypse was close. Anyway, he is the lucky one who is staying a few house away. The dust storm would had probably killed him otherwise.

Warzone - The beginning

Here you can see my bathroom is pretty much gone. I did not even want to get too close to take this photo.

Ya, its not just the dust. The basic need of toilet and washing is gone as well. So, beside the shellshock, this is pretty as good as a warzone now... The contractor did provide us a make shift toilet as shown. However, and luckily, before we used it, we tested it with water... And it was LEAKING. Hell, better water than shit and pee all over. They had place a make shift mat on the floor too, but I seriously think the damaged is already quite unrecoverable.

Warzone - Ground 0

I had to fold up my bed to make space. Since not everyone is staying (at least we thought so then), I figure I could just sleep on my sis's or in a sleeping bag... But I was so wrong. I was not able to stay at all and neither was anyone else in the family on day 1.

All the stuff were packed and covered when possible. However, after tearing down the toilet, we just realized this was only the beginning and the protection we had in place barely protected our stuff. It was covered in dust and just brushing it across with your hand result in a layer of white powder all over.

This is my make shift place to work... Well, not really. I had to fled the place like a fugitive before the day was over.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bus Tracking System

There is a new Bus Tracking System at certain bus stop which I suppose is in Beta Testing... I observed it for a while and find that it is pretty accurate. The information is probably based on GPS.

Well, this is surely one step better than IRIS which only is available to SingTel Mobile user. And moreover it cost money and you need to go check out the bus stop number... Kinda too much trouble.
Lets hope we have one of these at all bus stops pretty soon.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

SE W660i Reprise

Oh ok, this is not the best camera phone around. That quite sum it up for the camera. But I had decided to pay for what I need and a simple basic camera is all I care for now. Its not powerful enough for a 2.0 MP against a 3.2MP K800i. Its does not come with BestShot(tm) which you can choose out of 9 shots which one you want to keep. Its does not have flash (which is pretty much useless and sometimes a hinder when you want to take photo without other people knowing. Animal photography sucks as well.

Now, the good part. The Walkman software is quite good. In fact, its so good you can actually continue to listen to your walkman and take photo at the same time. This is definitely not what K800i can do. The MegaBass(tm) is solid if I had not mention it before and its probably the most important thing I bought this photo for. TrackID is pretty much like online DB regconisation which is so common on the PC already. However, when using it with GPRS, it cost money. So i do not forsee myself using it much. I pretty much know what I put into my walkman phone anyway.

In all, take some give some. W660i is not the top of the line phone around but well worth the price and its beats anything that plays music I know. However, for someone who wants the best of both world AGAIN, there is W960i coming... 3,2MP with NegaBass(tm). Well big deadl, K850i is already 5MP. But I have decided I will use a REAL camera and forget about camera phone for now.

House Upgrading

The nightmare is finally beginning. I had to pack and seal all my big and small cupboard and equipment. I had a har dtime figuring out how to go about keeping my servers up and running during this period. It has been a few days of work and I am sure its not even close to moving house...

Another major worry I have is Xiao P. I am not sure if all the dust and hammering is good for him at all. The first day it happened to my neighbour he is already freaking out. I had to put him into my neighbour place so that he can rest well in the day.

All my notebook are locked and I have minimum access to most of my stuff. I fear this is going to be a long long month to go...

Who Says Quail Egg's Cholesterol is High?

Click image to see large view

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

PSP 3.72 HX is Out!

Yes, after Dark_Alex pretty much left 3.71-M33-v2, now that 3.72 is out and we have a Spanish made 3.72-HX immediately. Looks like PSP is not only undying, but its getting real hot!

You must have 78% battery and be running this on 3.71 M33 or 3.71 M33-2. No other firmware is supported.Run the archive to extract the files. Then place the UPDATE folder in the /PSP/GAMEFolder and then run the update from your PSP’s Game Menu. When the update is finished, you must follow the on screen prompt to press X and restart your PSP. Remember if you have any plug-ins to re-enable them in the recovery menu.

But a word of caution. If you are running PSX games on your PSP, DO NOT upgrade. This FW does not yet support PSX games.

Download at:

Sunday, November 04, 2007

ふしぎ遊戯 Poster Stolen

Something that just happened today that makes the whole thing so impossible to believe. My cloth ふしぎ遊戯 poster hanging by the wall was taken down for a wash due to the upcoming rennovation. So it was hanged out for drying and somehow the wind caught it and took it downstairs... My mum quickly went downstairs to get it and guess what... It was gone...

Its a gift from my sister and its been there for like forever. Now the wall really looks empty. The impossible thing was that this was such an old anime by now, who would steal such a thing? I just find it sad that even such a old poster can get stolen...

Its not the same to buy a new one again. And I wouldn't as well. What's lost is lost, the difficult thing was to be able to believe that I lost this because someone stole it... Not burned down, torned, faded or anything like that...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

From Hero to Zero. Phone (Down/Up)grade

Welcome to the W660i. The Black with gold side plated version. I own the SE K80oi in case you missed my blog about 1 year plus ago. I had yet to test out everything, but I can assumed that this choice for downgrade as some will say is totally a switch of camp from camera priority to music priority. I drop the camera from 3.2MP to 2.0MP, but in turn gain the MegaBass(tm) again and better music management. The weight is much lighter and its much much thinner.

So, let me play around with it for a few more days and I will be writing my review here.

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