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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Shoot Em Up

This is the first of the 2 movies I am going to talk about this week. One of them is the thumb ups and this is the one. Shoot Em Up. Emm, what a crap title I first thought. Until I saw Clive Owen's interview saying that he agree that this is the most violent movie ever made. I had watched many of Clive's movie and I must say I enjoy his acting. But this one is really different. His character is really comically cool.

I thing is that you can't take this show seriously. Despite all the violent, it is rather comical. There is a lot of references to other shows and the carrot and bugs bunny is really laughable. However, the message is clear. Carrot is good for health only if taken internally. :) And I did not know that bullet proof vest comes in baby sizes. :) But despite all the ridiculous stuff, it has great action sequences. If you love John Woo's A Better Tomorrow, you will love this.
This show is M18 here and I think its pretty uncut with the blood, gore and nudity in. But seriously, if you are in for a fun action movie, catch this one. This is the only movie I gave 10/10 in IMDB this year.

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