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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Resident Evil : Extinction Review

Ok, this is the 2nd movie I am going to talk about. Resident Evil : Extinction. I am a great fan of the game and only managed to miss the Nintendo version so far. I played it even when it was call BioHazard on PSX. Now, the movie. The action was not bad at all for RE2, although RE1 lacks something. And from the trailers, which I has posted earlier, I expected some cool actions in RE3. Hell, I was so wrong. At least here in Singapore.

Despite the rating of NC16, this movie was cut into bits and pieces. The action, not there. The gore, what gore? And there is absolutely no nudity, well, not that I want to see Milla. Its a personal preference, but I seriously think I had nightmare after watching here in RE2. Skinny. Ok, so maybe the story save the day. I don't think so. Its basically a short story where it doesn't matters or not you watch RE3. There is no new development.
The show was ok, beating the shit out of the radio station people and dogs. Then until it came to Las Vegas, which all my friends in USA told me was good. It wasn't here. If you had watched the Red Band trailer I posted, you will have enjoyed that trailer more than this show. The story was pretty weak, leaving the loose end to ensure there is RE4. BTW, I heard Milla is going to be a mom, so I am not too looking forward to a near future for RE4.
This show did pretty well in the states, and I really want to feel that way too, but unfortunately I went to watch it here. Take my advise, skip this and watch it oversea uncut or get the Code 1 Director Cut DVD when its out. Its probably a better experience.
Oh, btw, our suspicion is confirmed. SONY is UMBRELLA. Just take a look at the Umbrella Vaio in the movie. Who else makes Vaio?

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