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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Pay (Tian Tian) Steamboat

I recalld I mentioned once before about this store. I was there, 2 of us. And was told there was no table. But when 4 person came in, there is. This is the same store. And despite my bad impression, I decided I should try it at least once to condemned it. So happen the "english" name of this store is Happy Pay and trust me, Happy is the last thing about paying here.

The sign board stated $18 pe head. I know you want to say its the +++, thats big deal actually. The bill came up to $51.26 for 2 person! Yes, WTF! The soup cost $10!!! Its supposely award winning soup, but the fish head one really sucks and its like nothing you see on the advertisement. Well, even if its good, I don't think its justified to pay $10 for the soup. No GD way man.

That aside, lets talk about the food. Ok, it sucks. There is noodles, and the usual and even some of the usual like golden mushroon, crabsticks, fishcake etc are not there. The so call 55 ingredients is like max 55, you get some of it at anytime. Thats the way it works. We were there on no rush timing and managed to stay for awhile. The only saving grace was there is crap. Well, its neither hot or pepper, it not great, but still crap basically. Ok, I mis-spelled it. Its crab. :)

The meat is ordered from a sheet of paper which count the number of times you ordered. I wondered if they wil lcharge extra if you ordered more than 3 times. But I do know is that if you change soup, its extra charge. I heard this later, after I paid of course.

There are about 7 soups, but I cant find one I loved. I think the special mix chilli at the Tiong Bahru one was great, and the chilli here is nothing close. Its only close to normal chicken rice chilli. There is 2 choice of drink, barley or Lemon Tea, which is ok. But there is no dessert.

I think there is far too much bad here to say for he good at all. Pividor is just next street and its $30 for 2 full course western with soup + dessert in a quiet nice place with european settings. Tiong Bahru Plaza's Rajahinn is $40 for 2, All-You-Can without restriction. Order cooked dishes, chocolate fondue and other great stuff. My favorite Steamboat buffet, btw. I talked about that next time.

In summary, you won't find me again at Tian Tian Steamboat at Bugis. Even if I had a treat, I would advise whoever treating me to go elsewhere. Like as if anyone will want to pay $10 for the soup base in a steamboat. Maybe we should just bring our own Chicken stock and make our own soup next time. I also cannot be bothered to complain to anyone (other than you reading now) because I am sure, somewhere in those fine prints, they covered their asses.

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