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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

GrindHouse Review

Finally caught BOTH these movies. I must say I enjoy Planet Terror a lot more. Both are still good in my opinion. There were a lot of flaming on Quentin Taratino's Death Proof. I had to watch it for myself. I guess many people did not know what this movie is trying to do. Its got a little of everything in it and it was purposely produced without CGI in plain camera good-old-days style. This is the theme that was carried out through the 2 parts in Death Proof.

Death Proof talks about a maniac car killer with a buff up "death-proof" vehicle. Well, it is. As a spoiler. He was not killed in the car. It consist of 2 segment and its almost like 2 movies already. Part 1 to introduce the character and what he do (not why though) and part 2 is where he met his match and finally pay the ultimate price. There are lots of conversation and that was what most people did not like. But I quite enjoyed it though. It may be silly bimbo talk, but I guess its satire in a different form. It enjoyable to me at least.

Planet Terror, on the other hand was handled like another zombie movie, except its much much better. There is moments of action, love, horror, violence and even a little part and bits about brotherhood. I love the tag "Two Against the World". I guess that sound nice. I don't want to say too much about Planet Terror, because I think you should just catch it yourself. If you like zombie movie, you will not be disappointed.

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