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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dog Farm

There was a dog farm being complained recently in the news. Its about a sick dog which sadly will not live to adulthood due to a sickness. The owner tried to contact the farm, but the farm is just pushing it. Anyway, this wont be the first for Ericsson Pet Farm.

Here is another PDF article, but the picture and details can be pretty gross, please do not read it while you are having your meal :

In any case, I decide it would be fair for myself to see it. I was there. And one farm to another, I must say getting worse and worse. I manage to walk in (yes, there is no security) to the farm. And into some area... And god, I saw a man (maybe trainer) shouting his lungs out at a dog (probably eating shit or something). Well, that may be training. Then there was this (breeding) area fenced of 4m x 4m. Guess how many Shih Tzu was housed inside this area? About 40, I would say, not less definitely. I was shocked and before I can do anything (take photo), I was asked to leave this area by someone there.

I visited the selling area, where there is fan blowing at the dogs etc, but that image of the poor Shih Tzu cram in that area. That is something I think I will carry forever in my mind.

Someone told me, its a farm. What do I expect? Perhaps so, but I can never imagine my Bobi and Wini coming from these places. I think I had enough of pet farm for a long time. I did not know what to say anymore. Boycott them? Don't buy from Pet Farm? Its all pointless. I guess everywhere is the same.

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