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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Windows (Vista) does not use my default drivers!

well, it happened to me. After I hacked around to use the Widcomm stack bluetooth in Windows. Well, thats another story, but the Widcomm stack is truly a bless.

Anyway, if you insert USb stick or some hardware and it can't find your driver. And you find that you can manually point it to C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32, then you know that Windows no longer uses the default path.

I heard this is a common problem with Daemon tools.

I dig around and finally found this solution :

Navigate to C:\windows\inf (substitute a different drive letter for whichever one your OS is installed on) and find the file infcache.1

You will need to have windows set to show hidden and system files most likely. Since this is Vista, you also may need to go to the properties and permissions for the file and take full control. Once that is done, delete the file.

After this, just plug in your device and ta-da.

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