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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tearing apart Quantum Fireball Ex HDD

Why would I want to do that? I will tell you the answer at the end.
Lets take a look at our dinosaur :

Quantum Fireball had its time. Long before people even heard about Hitachi HDD... Anyway, its a great pain to tear apart this working 3.2GB (its not a typo, its not 32GB) HDD... first, remove all the screw you can see (yes, there are some you can't see) on the top and bottom to pop out the silver protector.

Pull out the orange cable to detach it to make your life a bit easier. Remove the whole motherboard piece and you will find a sponge layer below. You can strip that off if you like.

You will end up with the following parts now :

Before we move to the top of the HDD, lets reveal a hidden screww below. Tear off the silver sticker and you will see a strange screw which I believe is industrial screwed in. You probably can't find the right tool to remove it. Anyway, I had found a way to get around without needing to unscrew this.

Now lets work on the top. you will find 2 pieces of round silver sticker that say do not remove. Well, remove it. and you will find 2 more hidden screws. One of them you will not be able to remove, but the other you can easily unscrew with your finger. try pushing the HDD up from the bottom and you can see the screw is quite loose. Remove that screw.

This other one, you can't touch as it wil lbe too tight.

Now you can use a screwdirver and pull open the cover of the HDD.

You can finally see the mirror surface of the HDD. Now you will notice something strange (if you haven't) when you move your screwdriver around. Yes, I am not going to spoilt it, I will tell you in the end what is that.

There are about 3 to 4 screw more to unscrew and now you can concentrate on the read write head. Remove any other plastic you can to enable you to move the head. Now, rememeber the bottom screw we can't unscrew. That link the RW head here. So the easy way out is to break the black plastic portion of it.

What do you have now? Take out this strange piece of metal. If you are sharp, you will realized you already had taken out another similar piece and it is radiating some very strange energy... :)

Here is the aftermath of all the destruction :

And here is your prize :

Well, what is it? Its 2 VERY powerful magnet. I think I can say you should not have seen any stronger. Not only that, its a shielded magnet. It only attracts on one side. The reverse is shielded by the metal piece and it does not stick anything at all. I am sure there are more good use for this...

I am sure, not much peopel would like the platter for mirror, so I am not going to cut some fingers removing that.

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