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Friday, September 28, 2007

Satay at Chomp Chomp

Yes, its about food again. For my oversea friends, Satay is like BBQ meat burned with sauce over the fire, then dipped into thick peanut or other type of curry etc sauce. Usually Satay comes with onion, garlic, cucumber and rice to supplement.

This time I am going to recommend the Satay at Chomp Chomp. Thats a place I used to hang out back in my service days. Because its close to my grandma and its a quiet place back then. Now you have to be early to grab a seat and the stores has changed a lot. But some good ones are still around. Some I recommend is the Hokkien Prawn Noodle which is still very good. Also, the chicken wings, but its not as good as the one in Bedok Central. Do also remember to try the $3 sugar cane mega glass there. Its like a personal Tiger Jar except its sugar cane.

Satay, you have at least 3 choices there... More if I am not wrong, but guess what happened, J has decided to order from the only Halal one there. There were these 2 guys manning it and one of the kinda look very fair. J mistooked him for a chinese and only to realize when he say "Speak English". :P Well, I guess I would had too. Their satay was a long wait, I was not very happy but there were things to keep me occupied. But I must say, its damn worth the wait. The chicken is very tender. Bouncy and juicy. Its not hard like some of the other satay I seen outside. The beef and mutton is great too, but among all I guess I love hte mutton, which is so surprising cos I usually hate Halal food, and among all mutton which usually smells to me.

Do try it if you drop by Chomp Chomp at Serangoon. BTW, thats also where Chu Chu came from. We had been there many times, but had only eaten there once due to many reasons... There is another newer food center just opposite, but its very different type of environment. Well, the prawn noodle is good too there, thats about it though. :)

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