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Friday, September 14, 2007

Potentially Dangerous Item Found

Ya, maybe back in 5 years ago, you can say "A possible bomb found", but today its really dangerous to speak the B-word. I heard even a mum and daughter was arrested at the Singapore Airport for saying the word "bomb". Moreover, there is a really strange law that suggest saying this word actually cause instability ion the country. So lets just stick with the header.

This item as you can see is white and black and look metallic. I saw the police lifted it up. So I am quite sure it will not explode or anything (at least for now). I would had thought they should not touch it until the bomb squad arrive or something, but apparently people are walking by this road like nothing happened.
Update :
They finally taped the area up and you can walk on the pavement now... I am sure this is just a scare, however imagine it was something for real and its in front of a church and some police decided to lift it up for a look. Man, I say thats dangerous.

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