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Thursday, September 27, 2007

M18 Pearl at OG

It was a sunny day and I just drop by OG to stock up on my regular supplements. OG offers a different variety of brands from Robinson and other places, so I can find more option for Bee Propolis etc. Anyway, there was always this Pearl shop at OG, well, at least in Bugis OG. With a purchase of $20, you can collect a voucher which you can collect a free pearl from them. Then after that they will try to sell you their silverware, necklaces at overprice rates.
I had always been very unhappy with this shop, and so happens that day it turns out the chinese girl and her chinese manager REALLY pissed me off. So, I had to pick a fight with them on this very day.
They used to give unlimited pearls as long as you have vouchers and receipts for $20 or more each. Then they limited it to 2 per person. That I can still understand, and in the past, I even totally give up on it due to the queue. However, today there were NOBODY at the queue.
First, there was a sign which I find damn offensive. Pearl ONLY for people 18 years old and above. WTF? Must show IC to collect now liao? I dont have the problem with this age limit, but really.. WTF? Imagine a rich 17 years bought some expensive clothes. Does that means she cannot collect? Does it? And why the hell 18? Does it contain some adult stuff? Drugs (like cigarettes)? To me, this is down right discrimination on age.
That aside, since it did not affect me, I was told I can only collect 1 pearl. Err... OK, I have kinda like 6 vouchers. I told her imagine I queue again la, just give me one more at least 1 pair or something... The uncle peeling the pearl is at least kind and he say 2 is ok la... Then guess what? That F*cking china bitch come in took all my vouchers away and stamp all my receipts!! What? Scare I give other people take or what? Then guess what? She still insist on giving 1 only because that is THEIR rule she say.
Under the situation where there is a big crowd, I will just cool off. But there is NOBODY there. So, I decide that this will be THE DAY. So I insist to complain. I want to talk to their manager. Ah, f*ck, I did not get her in the picture, but she is the one wearing white and she stood and say she is the manager and give me a damn sia lan face. I explain that I had purchase so much from OG, take one more is also ok la... Moreover, what will I do with 1 pearl, I dont want to have a one sided earring. then she explain and say this one not her problem, they are not from OG and whatever we bought is not her problem and blah blah...
I think that totally reflect very badly on the whole. OG must had selected a very bad company to work with. Don't want to give, dun pretend to be generous! What try to promote people to buy more? OG should just tell everybody to buy only $20 cos you can't get more than 1 pearl anyway. And even I reason that so if I queue again cannot meh? that bitchy manager say she will regconise me. So, now its personal ha? I totally blow my top. I decided that I need to reach higher authority to resolved this and she has picked a very bad day to have this fight with me!
So, I went calmly to the OG service center and ask for the OG manager in charge. So, a lady in black came. I tried to explained it as calmly as I can, but I seriously don't think I did a good one at that kind of blood pressure. Nevertheless, she offered to accompany me to the Pearl store again.
Things after that does not come with a twist anymore. As usual, she talked to the manager and the manager tried to argued with her etc... In the end the OG manager made her give all 6 pearl to me. I thank the manager at least at solving this. Seriously, if they had given me 2, I will not even have to come to this. I also understand the difficulties and that they problably think they lost money on this. I do hope OG stop partnering them in the future...
Things to take from here :
1. Can't stand the queue, don't bother. Its for 1 f*cking pearl only.
2. Somehow the pearl are for adult only. So, if you look under 18 and do not want to risk IC checks situation, don't bother.
3. Don't by any overprice stuff from them. Lets hope they fold soon with such bad ass sale bitches.

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