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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

W. E. P. Follow Up

Rememeber I talked about this script I wanted to work on. I had finally finalized some of the concept. I had introduced a japanese female character called Miyako who will battle the Overseer in the final scene. Because I had feel the need that a female character will eventually save the day was important rather than having it in the all macho style.

Some of you may remember I go by the nickname BloodRain... It comes from a chinese phase 腥风血雨. I had always wanted to create a sword fighting scene where the blood freezes in the air like a cloud of rain or snow. I hope this will be the scene where Miyako will fight against the Overseer.

However, that leave the question whether I am goingto kill off all the 200 over people on board the plane? I guess not, I am going to kill off half of then at the start :P That to be realistic considering I wanted a massive gun fight before the plane crashes.

I have concepturied the trailer as well. I will post that later :)

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