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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Supreme Commander

Just completed all the 3 campaigns in Supreme Commander last night. Anyway, make sure you see thtrough the whole credits because the credits are different for each of the 3 factions and you will also get more info on "They are coming"... What are they? The Seraphim? Was this all a set-up?

Anyway, Supreme Commander does have a good reflection of our poor world today. Aeon represents the religion fanatics out there, the Cybran representing the pro-genetic side and UEF represent the all-natural side of human.

Does all these need to fight until an external threat to come in before they can united? (BTW, Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance is coming soon...). This storyline somehow is not so bad. However, it is typical. There is some good and bad people from each factions and some betrayal along the way.

The game play was pretty solid. With AA guns to counter air forces, Point guns against ground forces and missiles against sea. There is the one unit counter another rules in this game. This make you need to combine and enforce your force during engagement. There is no one super unit in this game, not even the experimental units. And again, I like this because the AI is pretty good. They know howto defend each other, assist and cover transports, help build and repair faster etc... There is very little micro management in this one. Which is good for me. :)

Anyway, althought this is 8.7 compared to Company of Heroes's 9.0, I still like this much much more.

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