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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ghost Story 2

Ok, since I am really in the mood, here is another one.

Ther ewas this small road from somewhere back to Kluang. I also can't remember where the uncle came from. Anyway, it was not the big main road. After driving for hours, the uncle was really tired and thought how come Kluang so long still not reach...

Then, there was light along both side of the road. Wau, there is a Pasa Malam ahead. OR something like that. He slowed down to drive carefully in case someone was walking along the road. Usually in a event like this people do not pay much attention to car and walk wherever they want. Therefore, it was pretty dangerous if you do not slow down.

There was lots of store selling fruits, food etc... There were even store selling candles, paper money etc... then the uncle remembered it was the 7th month already. Aiya, these Pasa malam sell those stuff really old, but this one really cannot make it la... they do not even have florense lights, its those gasoline lamps. He sign and pay attention to the road again.

Then there was this 2 girls running on the road. He froze and panic. He should step on the brakes. but that didn't come into his mind. He simply did not know what to do. With his own eyes, he saw the car slam into the girls and there ... SILENT.

No bang, no sound. He quickly brake then and got down. Turn to the back of the car and see hows the girls... no girls... The road was pretty dark. There was only this big tree standing tall and strong beside the road. There wasn't even light around. Wait a minute, where is the Pasa Malam... It was not there anymore...

He walked (actually he wanted to run, but his legs were already like jelly) slowly. got on the car, and drove like mad out of there... Yes, I guess the term Run Like Hell applies here.

After some chit chat at the neighbour, he found out that the place he passed was actually a graveyard. And there were accidents back in the years where people saw the same thing as him, then slam the brakes and bang right into the big tree there. Some of the survived, but many did not. Its a unoffical high accident area (espeically this 7th month).

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