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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ghost Story 1

Since, its 7th month, might as well share some REAL ghost story here. This is retold by a friend who happens to be a malay and does not really understand the 7th monthy culture.

It was one of the early nights last year in 2006. She was walking home and there was lots of praying along hte road. There were food and incense leave on the roadside. Well, she is pretty skeptic about this anyway. Often then not, these ends up in wild dogs or begger's mouth. Then she notice there was a kid taking those food to eat...

she may not understand the whole meaning of the 7th month, but at least she understand the food are not meant for our compsution. So, she quickly call our to the kid :

"Hai, boy boy, those food cannot eat... don't..."

Before she can finished, she stood like a stone there. Eye frozed and cold swear dropping from her forehead.

The kid is no more there....

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