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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Brainless Security

Major store closing down in the east. Yes, I am talking about Metro. I was there to do some last minute shopping yesterday and the experience was like, well, any other shopping trips except with hell lotsa people. But thats not hte point.

Metro has used the rubber tighten security as seen in many Malaysian shopping malls. After you purchased your item, they will tie it up with the rubber strip and then you carry the ugly looking plastic bag around like there was a head inside (due to thte shape it was forced to take).

Anyway, this Metro one was kinda stupid. First, the packager decided that size does matters. So she took the largest bag she cna find and put all my clothes in. I told her maybe its better to use 2 bags instead. And she did not agree. Watever happened to "customer is always right?"

So I took the big bag little stuff out and realized its too long and was draggging all the way around. Moreover, I can split the load between my 2 hands. But anyway, I opened the bag to count the items and verify it one more time just in case. I went back to the cashier and ask for 2 smaller bags. Guess what? I can't have it? Why? security reasons!

Oh hell to security (don't quote me on this). But I need to bring back the original bag for her to repacked as part of security. I tolh her its pointless since I had already opened the bag. She say its ok.

Now, before I go on telling why this is brainless, I would like you to guess what if I am a BAD person. How would I make use of this? And why this has totally silly.

Hint : Remember, she is goingto just take out all the things inside my big bags and split them into smaller bags.

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