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Friday, August 03, 2007

(Almost) car-napped in Malaysia

Firstly, sorry for the long time that passed between entries. Had been busy with other things. Anyway, also a bit in and out of country for a while. I would like to relate an incident that could had turned out to be a lot worse. Again, unlike some peopel who would make up news to see front page, I don't do that BS.

I was with my cousin pumping up the petrol at a petrol station. Our parents were in the backseat. My cousin got out to talk to the petrol guy and I too got out to pass him some cash for the petrol. Then out of a sudden, a old man start walking towards the car. As both of us were on the wrong side (opposite site of the driver seat) we can only monitor him. Then he looked at the window at the backseat and suddenly ope nthe front door and jumped in. Then there were some talking in the car. I thought our parent knew this guy...

Then I open the door to the front seat and to a shock realized that nobody KNEW who this guy was. He suddenly say "sorry sorry" and got off the car. WTF??? We then saw he walk towards another car (same color, but very obviously different build) one lane away andgot in and drove off. My cousin return to his seat soon then we hear the part about what happened from our parent.

Seems like our parent got a worry he was a bad guy and may drove the car off of something and they challenge him who and what is he doing in the front seat. And both of us let our guard down and thought our parents knew this man. If this man is indeed a bad guy, something bad could had happen. OK, maybe it would be a bit hard to drive off with the refilling happening (I wonder if it would explode). But this incident is truly scarly if you put some thought into it. We should had locked the door whe nwe got out...

Anyway, just out of curiousity, we too drove on and followed that car from a while... nothing new. But I bet following him closely should give him a scare as if we would go after him or something... :)

While nothing happened here. Something could had if it was someone else. I just hope to share this story so that I can remind you to lock you car when you get off to pay the bill, top up or whatever.

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