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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Transformers the Movie Review

Instead of calling this a review, maybe its more of my thoughts after watching Transformers. As a movie, its great, actions, fighting, special effects... You have it all. I am not sure what is the ratings given to this movie, but the movie was cut, as far as I can see and there is at least 2 sexual references in the movie. 1 after the partents entered the room and another immediately after Optimus Prime first introduce himself. So I presumed its not G...
Being said about the special effects and totally unnecessary carnage just to make the movie looks good, now what I do not like about the movie. soundwave was one of the coolest Decepticon, but has been reduced to a pile of spidery looking metal size of a dog. So is Jazz, but he only appeared less than 10 seconds then being torned apart by Megatron. Despite all that seems to end, there is no accountability for Starscream (which I do not recall being shot down) and Scorpinox who just escaped and disappeared benealth the sands... Sound like a lame loose ends for a sequel.
There is not even close link with the original Transformers cartoon. So, my advice is do not take this as an adaptation. Instead, see it as a totally unrelated piece of work. Thats goes for Beastwars too. The original classic is not much to match up to.
So, is Michael Bay ready to make Mechwarriors?

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