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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Microsoft Hardware Warranty

I wonder how many people actually needed this. J once had a mouse that did not work out of the box. Sent it to the SLS shop for replacement. Took about 10 days. BUT I just realized there was a better way to RMA with Microsoft. And you will never believe this.

It was little known that Microsoft actually has a support number for hardware. Well, its the same number to activate your software actually. So I called, but only after returning the retail shop and realized that I can't return to the shop. But at least they gave me the Microsoft contact number, so I am not going to bad mouth them. :)

I called and asked about hte RMA procedure for the Microsoft Mouse. Well, here is the surprise. I need ot be in front of a computer... where I was not. Anyway, what will happen is actually they will ask you to run some checks to ensure that the software is not the fault... Things like not plugin in the USB properly, driver not installed etc... Anyway, once they confirmed its a hardware issue. They will ship you the NEW hardware via courier. Cool right? How come nobody told me about this?

Anyway, I will post the Singapore Microsoft support number here for future reference. BTW, I had tons of Microsoft keyboards and mouse. And this is the only time I had to RMA.

Microsoft Support (Singapore)
6882 8899
800 852 3543

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