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Sunday, July 22, 2007

I, Deathbringer

I do not know what sort of chances is it, but the last few days I seems to be bringing accidents around me. Was 2 days ago, when I had no choice but to take the MRT. Guess what some accident had happened and later on I found out was a fatal MRT accident that killed a old woman in Clementi. Well, but the least I was not affected.

Then I was changing the bus to my client's place. And guess what, just at the junction, a bus bumped into another vehicle in front while crossing the junction. It was an immediate jam there. But luckily again, my bus turned out of the way and was not affected.

After the meeting, I was on my way back. And then the MRT suddenly stop while travelling at high speed, sending some of the people to the ground (flying). I was again lucky because my hand was close to a pole and I grab on it by instinct.

That was someday. I had a break yesterday at the zoo, so I do not forsee major accident there anyway. And I thought it was all over. Was it?

Today on my way to BB, guess what? Near the school, one car by the side, one upside down like scrap metal in the middle of the junction. I guess it has began again. Just what is going on?

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