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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Achieva vs Acecom

Hard disk bought in Singapore is usually covered 3-5 years by 3rd party instead of the manufacturer. I had been a customer to Acecom ( for years. I believe I had at least exchanged 10 HDD with them (some of which not my own even...).

Now, the new HDD I bought happens to be from another company Archieva ( Well, its just another company, maybe a bit further from my place... but thats about it. but wait, if you recalled, I had post about this place before when I was conned to collect the "Executive Desktop"...

Now, I finally had to replace one of my harddisk because it has KO. the motor stops for reasons and bad sectors growing all over. Its a 200 GB Seagate HDD. I was there early in the morning, hoping to exchange the HDD since its barely even 2 years. And according to their terms, they can replace with a different model etc... Standard stuff... Guess what?

They CANT replace it. They claim that its EOL (end of line) product. They will send it back to Seagate... Err... WTF? I should had just asked my friend to exchange it for me since he works in Seagate... Whats the point of having a 1-1 exchange warranty when down the road 2-3 years the HDD will definitely be EOL so to speak? Is this not a con job?

Let me tell you what's the difference at Acecom. A few times, they did not have the stock I needed. Guess what? They upgraded the HDD for me... From 80GB to 120GB or 160GB to 200GB. I had never got to wait. I get my replacement on the spot!

Obviously, Achieva does not provide such standard of warranty! They did not even ask me if I prefer a replacement of a different brand or build? Well, so be it. They say it may need to wait for 7 days or so... Thats mean another day lost , another trip down to collect my harddisk. Well, I feel like taking out all my HDD from achieva and ask the mto RMA on my next trip since it will take 1 week. Better RMA them in advance cos I can't get a replacement in time :P

Next time, I will insist on Acecom warranty. Achieva should really close shop I hope.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

It is rather interesting to see that there are so many competitors out there servicing on one brand of product. Some distributor are rather exploiting in sense of customer's rights on service warranty. As for I am part of Seagate's personnel, I would rather highlight that Seagate does not provide 1 to 1 exchange. On top of that, the replacement on another larger capacity or models are to be determined by Seagate, not distributor.

I understand your frustration but the implementable subject to change on capacity only applicable to End Of Manufacturing on the capacity, not the model. Alot of local distributor will be more than happy to upgrade the model which is the same capacity for you, but if they do not have the capacity stated, they still have to send it back to Seagate.

Direct submition to Seagate will take about 2 weeks on the RMA process. This is a standard policy, however there is courier back service provided on the account of the owner of the HDD.

Hope this helps.

Nemesis said...

Emm, thanks for clearing up the stand from Seagate. I suppose I also have to clarify that the exchange for diff capacity was all for Maxtor HDD in the past. I had avoided Seagate HDD for very good reasons.

Well, since Seagate had bought everyone else (except Hitachi, which I will also avoid), I do not think there is much of a choice at all.

The fact that warranty cards stating 1-1 exchange for the 1st 3 or 5 years is then total BS to me since we now know that Seagate actually does not honor that. Its probably a marketing scam by (some of) the RMA providers.

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