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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Quicktime must die!

The recent release of K-Lite Mega Codec Pack has removed Quicktime Alternative as a result of the threaten law suit. So big apple think they can push people around ha? There are other QT lite packages around anyway, but seriously, I think F*ck Quicktime. Who in the world would use it anyway other than people who cannot play rmvb or divx (goodness know who these people are).

For web, flash beats quicktime anyday. Despite Apple site keep forcing people to visit it to view movies trailer, I had never been a fan of it. Why not just download the divx version somewhere else? And for serious encoding, I seriously do not even see Quicktime there. Which encoder group who does release movie in Quicktime really deserved to be nuked. Divx or Xvid is cool for the west, the rmvb is good for the east. I am sure they do not use Quicktime in Russia either. :)

So, the world can be a better place without Quicktime. Trust me, its true. IF you are a mac user and somehow you just swear by your Quicktime, I suggest you take a walk outside and see the world for a while. There are other choices for Mac in case you do not know.

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