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Monday, June 11, 2007

I was almost nailed!

Yes, quite literally. You know my workplace is situated at a rather bad location. There is forklift moving in and out and lots of unoloading and repacking downstairs. What do you expect working in a warehouse?

Anyway, there was this wood from the crate which was open and there were like 6 few-inches nails on the floor. It so happened that I had stepped on one of it on my way to work on Friday and I did not even realised it until I find myself dragging the wood around. The nail has went into my boot (luckily it was Timberland) and was either missed my toes, or did not penetrate enough due to the thick sole. This was the one time I really love that boot. Come to think of it that boot where through quite some shit with me. I has been to Australia and has hiked the 15km on Manly island with me...

Anyway, I am not here to sell a boot, but this incident make me glad I am finally out of here soon enough.

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