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Friday, June 29, 2007

Changi Boardwalk

I finally get to visit the completed Changi Boardwalk few days back. It was shorter than I thought, but the scenary is good enough in Singapore. I was there on a quiet day and there was not many people, but despite so, I counted 3 wedding couples and 3 dogs along my walk.

Of course, my main reason there was to relax and see if I can get my winner shot on my new Canon D400. I believed I had. The sunset was only 5 minutes and I must had burned at least 30 shots there. I just needed the time to sort it out and enter it into the contest.

Anyway, that will have to wait till I am back from my Malaysia trip. I hope to be able to capture more kampong style of photo along this trip to add to my arsenal for the contest.

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