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Friday, June 29, 2007

Changi Boardwalk

I finally get to visit the completed Changi Boardwalk few days back. It was shorter than I thought, but the scenary is good enough in Singapore. I was there on a quiet day and there was not many people, but despite so, I counted 3 wedding couples and 3 dogs along my walk.

Of course, my main reason there was to relax and see if I can get my winner shot on my new Canon D400. I believed I had. The sunset was only 5 minutes and I must had burned at least 30 shots there. I just needed the time to sort it out and enter it into the contest.

Anyway, that will have to wait till I am back from my Malaysia trip. I hope to be able to capture more kampong style of photo along this trip to add to my arsenal for the contest.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Ex-Office Lift

Would you want to do your office job in a building housed by this lift? Do take note I had "photoshoped" this image to make it looks brighter...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bobi play tricks

My favorite is still Bobi who had learned some cool tricks. Unfortuntely I did not manage to capture all of it.

Wini wants you!

After seeing how Chuchu reacts in the playpen, lets take a look how Wini reacted when she was younger then.

Japanese S&B Assorted Chilli Pepper found to contain Marijuana!

Yes, shocking but true. This bottle of S&B powder which is common used with Japanese Ramen, Soba etc is found to contain tetrahydroncannabinol which happens to be a major component in Marijuana. No wonder this has been tasting so good... :P Better throw it away now anyway. This bottle must had been 2 years in my possession... :P

Fake SanDisk Compact Flash CF Ultra II

Its pretty good to take a break now. I had been doing some soul searching about about all the dirty cover-ups in my past jobs.

Meantime, I had pick up a new hobby of photography and it came to my attention that I should finally talk about the fake stuff you can get from Sim Lim Square especially from those Indian shops. Not to sound racist, but unfortunately thats where most of the cases happened and they also are hte cheapest around.

I would like you to take a look at this 1 year old article :

I will follow up on other similar reports and media later, meanwhile, its CF Ultra II.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Quicktime must die!

The recent release of K-Lite Mega Codec Pack has removed Quicktime Alternative as a result of the threaten law suit. So big apple think they can push people around ha? There are other QT lite packages around anyway, but seriously, I think F*ck Quicktime. Who in the world would use it anyway other than people who cannot play rmvb or divx (goodness know who these people are).

For web, flash beats quicktime anyday. Despite Apple site keep forcing people to visit it to view movies trailer, I had never been a fan of it. Why not just download the divx version somewhere else? And for serious encoding, I seriously do not even see Quicktime there. Which encoder group who does release movie in Quicktime really deserved to be nuked. Divx or Xvid is cool for the west, the rmvb is good for the east. I am sure they do not use Quicktime in Russia either. :)

So, the world can be a better place without Quicktime. Trust me, its true. IF you are a mac user and somehow you just swear by your Quicktime, I suggest you take a walk outside and see the world for a while. There are other choices for Mac in case you do not know.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

W40: Dawn of War Dark Crusade Mod - Inqusition : Demonhunt

A movie says a million words :

Resignation Counter Bug

Apparently, I thought I was free at 15 June 2007 at 0000, which was so wrong...
J has pointed out that obvious and I just have to fix this even though this is the last day coming...

Now, when this hits 0, I am going to be partying.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vacuum <> Dryer

I stand corrected. Just realised the past 2 post I say vacuum, but in fact, that the hair dryer... and its a damn good one which can blow for a long time. (Don't think of dirty thoughts).

Anyway, enjoy these video for now. When I have more I will post them up.

Wini love biscuit

Wini simply love all sort of food. Here is a footage of her taking a biscuit.

Bobi and vacuum

And this is how Bobi react to the vacuum.

Wini and Vacuum

We all need to clean and dry the dogs after they bath, but they simply just hates the vacuum right?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Video not working

The previous 2 posts has some issue with the videos as they are still tacted as "processing" by youtube. I have no idea how long that will take. Please be patient and we shall see when that will be completed so that the video can be put up.

Wini and Greenie

She can be very persistant, especially if you have what she wants on your hand. See how she practically take it off my hand here.

ChuChu Wants You!

Seriously, if you see ChuChu, will you help her out?

I was almost nailed!

Yes, quite literally. You know my workplace is situated at a rather bad location. There is forklift moving in and out and lots of unoloading and repacking downstairs. What do you expect working in a warehouse?

Anyway, there was this wood from the crate which was open and there were like 6 few-inches nails on the floor. It so happened that I had stepped on one of it on my way to work on Friday and I did not even realised it until I find myself dragging the wood around. The nail has went into my boot (luckily it was Timberland) and was either missed my toes, or did not penetrate enough due to the thick sole. This was the one time I really love that boot. Come to think of it that boot where through quite some shit with me. I has been to Australia and has hiked the 15km on Manly island with me...

Anyway, I am not here to sell a boot, but this incident make me glad I am finally out of here soon enough.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Who Will Comfort Me ~ Connie Dover

This is a very nice song to listen in a quiet night. I specially love it because of the meaning it is expressing. This may be a song long ago (for me, its new :P), but I hope everyone can listen to this and appreciate the message it is trying to express.

The darkness now is lifting
Dawn blushes in the sky
It lays a spread of gold and red
And breathes a lullaby
To a thousand quiet creatures
Of earth and sky and stream
Who cannot know that paradise
Will one day be a dream

When the last wagon rolls along
And fades into the West
And cuts a trail of progress
Through a singing skylark's nest
When the last woodland creature
Lifts her head to flee
And is snared by her protector
Lord, who will set her free?

When the boundless spirit
Has no place to roam
The heart will sadly whisper
This world is not my home
When the sweep of wind along the grass
Bows down to destiny
When the last bright star has fallen
Lord, who will comfort me?

When the last prairie flower
Gives up her yellow bloom
When the high cathedral skies
Give way to crowded rooms
When we parcel heaven
And fence eternity
When the wildness is all tamed and torn
Don't let me live to see

When the last campfire flickers
And is laid to righteous rest
When the Ones who wandered without fear
Are cursed who once were blessed
When all our deeds of glory
Are laid in front of Thee
When you ask what man hath wrought
Don't rest Your gaze on me

When the boundless spirit
Has no place to roam
The heart will sadly whisper
This world is not my home
When the sweep of wind along the grass
Bows down to destiny
When the last bright star has fallen
Lord, who will comfort me?

Words: Connie Dover
Music adapted from "The Way West" by Brian Keane (Brian Keane Music, ASCAP)
From the CD, If Ever I Return, by Connie Dover © Taylor Park Music/Connie Dover

Monday, June 04, 2007


This is a remake of the old classic. I hope its going to be good. You can also catch the trailer at :

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