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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vulture Woman

Yesterday at Bugis Junction, I had just witness what must have been the most shocking incident this month. There was this woman who is looking around, for a seat I presumed at the Bugis Junction foodcourt. Then she take a good look at the table (where I wanted to sit and there was plenty of left over food). And guess what she did?

She pick up the pieces of chicken and stuff and walked away...

Some other ladies actually saw it and just smile at me... I don't know if I should smile back... I mean this is weird shit... I heard of this type of people in China... Its like a profession there. These people picks up the remaining food of others. But this is the first time I saw it in Singapore...

I mean to come to think of it, its environment friendly. She is cleaning up the food and avoiding wastage. I should actually ENCOURAGE it... but its pretty gross enough for me. Fortunately, life has taught me to stomach anything and I did not lose my appetide after this.
After she goes around for a few round, with a cup of drink (which she pickes up also) she sat down. Ah, finally she is eating some food properly... I thought she bought it herself... Then just out of curiousity, I walked passed again. Well, there was 2 plates of food, both half eaten on the table... She was eating it... (she is alone, unless... I have heard of these invisible friends, do not attempt to joke about them...). I guess she just sat down on a table with leftover and is finishing what is left... I dare not take a pic at such close distance in case I aggitate her and get peaked at...
but here is a photo I got when she was circling the food court for remains.

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