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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dumpster Driving

Anyone has an idea what dumpster driving is?
Here is an explaination :

Anyway, in short, its picking garbage to obtain information. I know you will say nah, does not happen in Singapore. Its so dirty, nobody will do it. Well, nobody desperate enough yet. But what if ...

Guess what I saw in front of a local bank...

The bank uses simple straight cut shredding which by default fails any form of audit. At least a cross cut is require to pass some of the audit checks. The bank has also been very nice to pack everything in a nice clean bag for you to pick up and take home...

Now, suppose I am PURE EVIL. I would take this right? Of course. Other than personal information, you can probably have accounts information of many clients which is of commercial (espionage) value. How about credit card information? I am sure there are some bills like things here. (No, I wont show you the photo of these.) If not, I am sure there are some personal information which I will be able to make use of via social engineering. If I have the right connection, these information can worth millions!!

Now, do not under estimate the power of dumpster driving. And also that makes a lot of differences banking with some banks over others such as this one above.

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