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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Damn Good Food At Damn Good Price

If you remember this tagline,then you probably know what I am goign to talk about already.

Yes, its Botak Jones Western Food. There is a new branch at Depot Road now and its less of a queue compare to their other branches especially the one in Clementi.

I must say. their food is both good and cheap as the tagline suggested. And moreover, a lot of their food is cooked using the better ingredients. That counts a lot considering you can get a plate of fish and chips at $6, with more than you can finish amount of fries and coldslaw. The fries taste good too, its just that final touch that makes it different from others.
OK, I am not really in for advertising for them, but trust me, the wait is worth the while. They have a really cool (and humorous) menu as well.
BTW, the tagline is (C) too along with Botak Jones(R).

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