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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Starcraft 2 : Hell, its about time

Yes, thats more appropriate for the subtitle of Starcraft 2. After watching the intro movie, which actually ends with the human marine say "Hell, its about time." That exactly sums up the feeling about Starcraft 2.

However, after viewing through the gameplay video, I have some doubts. The general graphics still feel the SAME as in Starcraft. Finer, no doubt, but quite the same. There is a 3D engine inside, but it doesn't really stands out too much. I just can't shake the feeling this may end up like another Command and Conquer Tiberium War (which incidently also has a good intro movie). Will Starcraft 2 become the same? Only time will tell...

Another thing I am not too comfortable is that the so call improvement are all focused on micro management. This includes the usage of unit power such as Blink etc. This is exactly the reason I like Warhammer 40K Dawn of War and disklike Company of Heroes. Micro is always something the computer will do better than us. And we can't micro everything! W40K has just enough of that, giving the hero the powers. Thats pretty cool enough and we did not have to power up the laser or set manual unit actions much. On the other hand, people who love COH will love SC I hope.

The most powerful unit. Yes, since Microsoft's Age of Mythology, we have Titans. Is that the only thing in RTS? SC has something like that too as far as I can tell. And I suppose, it will be the same more or less with all other RTS. The effect is cool is all I can comment about this. Especially the blackhole effect. But I do forsee lots of balancing going to happen.

Finally, the story. I do not see any mentioning of our anti-heroine The Queen of Blades anywhere? What happened? Are they going to make this in a alternate universe? SC has one of the best story I must say. Although the background is not so original here and there, but I really like hte story. If there is a good reason to recommend SC, it would be the story. Will SC2 live up to this? In terms of background and races, I would still prefer W40k because of the depth and story that covers the various races in the W40k world.

Damn Good Food At Damn Good Price

If you remember this tagline,then you probably know what I am goign to talk about already.

Yes, its Botak Jones Western Food. There is a new branch at Depot Road now and its less of a queue compare to their other branches especially the one in Clementi.

I must say. their food is both good and cheap as the tagline suggested. And moreover, a lot of their food is cooked using the better ingredients. That counts a lot considering you can get a plate of fish and chips at $6, with more than you can finish amount of fries and coldslaw. The fries taste good too, its just that final touch that makes it different from others.
OK, I am not really in for advertising for them, but trust me, the wait is worth the while. They have a really cool (and humorous) menu as well.
BTW, the tagline is (C) too along with Botak Jones(R).

Monday, May 28, 2007

Starcraft 2

And I thought it will NEVER happen. After many times I wrote in to Blizzard to encourage them to do it... But the artwork I am not impressed though... I have not yet manage to download the 2 trailers of the intro and the gameplay. I heard it was great, but the P2P downloader simply was not fantastic...

Anyway, let me update on the movies once I have seen it... Before that, here are the 3 wallpapers released officially from their website at :

Transformer - The Movie

Despite all I had said, I still will look forward to the Transformer movie coming on 4th July... Hopefully it is NOT TOO BAD. :) Anyway, while looking around, I found this nice poster which you may want to download at :

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big Bank Teller Machine on New Technology

Yes. No joke. Anyway Windows NT was Windows New Technology in case you did not know. Yes, banks still use them. Many reasons may be behind this. It could be due to the software that they used / developed has these legacy roots in those old OS. BTW, should this teller at least have used WinNT server instead of WinNT Workstation?

But if the bank continue to use Windows NT? What danger does it pose?

As you can see in this screen, the teller machine rebooted. Stability is definitely at risk. Moreover, as far as WinNT is concerned, Microsoft has stopped supporting this OS.

Beginning January 1, 2005, Pay-per-incident and Premier support will no longer be available. This includes security hotfixes. As of January 1, 2005 (or later), online support will no longer be available.

Microsoft Web Site

This would mean that security fixes will stop, along with any bugs be it major or minor. If the bank continue to use this, this sigificantly put the bank at risk.

As a consumer, do we have a say about this? I had yet thought of the answer. We can pressure the bank to upgrade their software and OS. Its our data that is at risk and at least we have the rights to make a official remark/ complain about this.

I will put mine letter up once I have time to write it.

Dumpster Driving

Anyone has an idea what dumpster driving is?
Here is an explaination :

Anyway, in short, its picking garbage to obtain information. I know you will say nah, does not happen in Singapore. Its so dirty, nobody will do it. Well, nobody desperate enough yet. But what if ...

Guess what I saw in front of a local bank...

The bank uses simple straight cut shredding which by default fails any form of audit. At least a cross cut is require to pass some of the audit checks. The bank has also been very nice to pack everything in a nice clean bag for you to pick up and take home...

Now, suppose I am PURE EVIL. I would take this right? Of course. Other than personal information, you can probably have accounts information of many clients which is of commercial (espionage) value. How about credit card information? I am sure there are some bills like things here. (No, I wont show you the photo of these.) If not, I am sure there are some personal information which I will be able to make use of via social engineering. If I have the right connection, these information can worth millions!!

Now, do not under estimate the power of dumpster driving. And also that makes a lot of differences banking with some banks over others such as this one above.

Monday, May 21, 2007

争霸 ~ 陈坤

笑我疯癫 笑我痴狂
对酒当歌 剑持四方
生要做英雄 死亦为传奇
大风起兮 梦飞扬
有位佳人 在水一方
有句誓言 永不能忘
视为知己 一腔热血在沙场
笑我疯癫 笑我痴狂
对酒当歌 剑持四方
生要做英雄 死亦为传奇
大风起兮 梦飞扬
笑我疯癫 笑我痴狂
对酒当歌 剑持四方
生要做英雄 死亦为传奇
大风起兮 梦飞扬

Sunday, May 20, 2007

One Token to Rule Them All

Doyou know who invented Single Sign On(SSO)? Think hard, think Tolkien...

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them
JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Long before technology was there, JRR Tolkien has forsee that there is a need to have everything combined. In this context, I had interpreted it as :
One Token to rule them all, One Search to find them,
One Password to Unlock them all, and in the system bind them

Look at it! All this has came true. Ok, maybe not the search engine yet, but I seriously do not use another search when one is provided in Vista. But the need for that single token to rule them all is pretty much what we all need. Instead of have to become lord of the tokens to carry around, would it not be a good idea to have one token to rule them all?
That token, if you think hard it you! A definite path to the biometric is what I expect. Until then, lets see how far this will bring us.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Yes, after much long decision and watching the latest from PETA :

I think I should send in my support by boycotting KFc and its affliated, that would include PizzaHut, Tacobells and Pepsi I believe.

I had signed the Petition to support PETA in their fight against KFc for their animal cruelty.

Will you support?

Yellow Dog Linux YDL for Playstation 3 PS3

Yes, there is finally a official way to install the Linux on the Playstation 3. Yellow Dog Linux is a well suited and customed Linux for the PS3.

Can't wait to get my hands on the PS3 and do this mod...

Horned Melon

Despite all I said I would at least buy and try the horned melon, I gave it a go again this time. Its just too expensive for me.

Horned Melon is from a kinda of catus. I had seen pictures of it on the inside. Personally, I do not think its delicious, but when I held it, its full of water... Probably very good for thrist. I just hope retribution do not arrange me to get trapped someday in the Australian desert so much so that I have to eat this to survive...

Vulture Woman

Yesterday at Bugis Junction, I had just witness what must have been the most shocking incident this month. There was this woman who is looking around, for a seat I presumed at the Bugis Junction foodcourt. Then she take a good look at the table (where I wanted to sit and there was plenty of left over food). And guess what she did?

She pick up the pieces of chicken and stuff and walked away...

Some other ladies actually saw it and just smile at me... I don't know if I should smile back... I mean this is weird shit... I heard of this type of people in China... Its like a profession there. These people picks up the remaining food of others. But this is the first time I saw it in Singapore...

I mean to come to think of it, its environment friendly. She is cleaning up the food and avoiding wastage. I should actually ENCOURAGE it... but its pretty gross enough for me. Fortunately, life has taught me to stomach anything and I did not lose my appetide after this.
After she goes around for a few round, with a cup of drink (which she pickes up also) she sat down. Ah, finally she is eating some food properly... I thought she bought it herself... Then just out of curiousity, I walked passed again. Well, there was 2 plates of food, both half eaten on the table... She was eating it... (she is alone, unless... I have heard of these invisible friends, do not attempt to joke about them...). I guess she just sat down on a table with leftover and is finishing what is left... I dare not take a pic at such close distance in case I aggitate her and get peaked at...
but here is a photo I got when she was circling the food court for remains.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CitiBank. HSBC Virtual Keyboard

Since in Aug 2005, I had posted :

But still you see people posting this today.

Nothing has changed. Other than the fact that most keylogger has "upgraded" itself and is able to handle the virtual keyboard now a days.

How about trying something else? Like audio? It also becomes handicap friendly as well?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Days walked together

Play the above and guess who that sound like....

Metal Gear Box Substance

Just how cheapo can it gets? Look at this :

This Korea company Ennyah is really ripping the branding of MGS off. BTW, if you wonderwhat is this, this is a lousy 3.5" HDD enclosure which is bulky and dangerous. You dun want to get smap by this on the head and certainly wont want to drop this on your feet.

Don't throw your Philips DECT phone away

Yes, I am serious. I had a old pair which is wore out and out of warranty. But I thought it would be cheap to replace the keypad only because some of the keys jammed up. I was so wrong cos that requires the replacement for the whole circuit board which the philips receptionist frankly told me would cost more than a new DECT phone.

Instead she passed me a brochure for a trade-in offer at Pantrade Electrical Pte Ltd. You can get 20% giving your old (even spoilt) DECT phone for a new ones. Now, that's good news. I wonder why they did not heavily publicize this.

Anyway, you know I don't work or sell for Philips, but this is something good I wan tto share with everyone using Philips DECT phones. Pantrade is located at :

15 Scotts Rd
Thock Teck Building
Singapore 228218

Its besides DFS building, opposite Far East. You can call them at 68728133.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

See me at the Bird Park

This poster has a blue strange looking bird on it... Yes, I know that stupid guy who is standing there taking a photo is me. So much for reflection. Anyway, does it not make you curious what bird is this?

If you really is dying to know without going to the Bird Park, the answer is ShoeBill. Its kinda of looks like a prehistoric animals to me, standing about 1 meters tall. It stand very still to wait for its prey, so I had quite some good shots of it...

And this is how it looks like :

Say hi to the camera :

Watching for its prey :

So, I finally get its attention :

This is really up close and personal to it... Kids, don't try this at home...

Nah, I dint. It was a 10X Ultra Zoom.

Don't Know English, is it?

Look at these bunch of bicycles parked at Boonlay Point (its a long story, but I refused to call it Jurong Point when its actually at Boonlay MRT and not Jurong East MRT). Whats wrong, see the sign? Ok, if it is not even obvious at the notice board, there are more at the pillars.

Well, just in case you really can't see whats on the sign it say : PLEASE DO NOT PARK YOUR BICYCLE HERE. Don't Know English, is it?

Singapore Chingay Parade 2007

This is super old news, just realised I forgot to post this and these images are taking up space on my Handphone. Basically, while waiting for my brother to pick me up to a gaming session or something, there was these coloring truck in disguised floats that passes by. The image is not great at all, digital still sucks at night. Thats the truth.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Coke Gone Wild

For those of you who had watched and believe me that it can be done... and you should be doing it... My advice : Don't! Why? This is what cna happen :

And I am counting on people like this to pay coke back so that they can make a living... Hahaha. Seriously, its still possible to get all the change out form there if you know how to do it. No, I am not even going to talk about that.

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