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Monday, April 16, 2007

Xiao P's Playground

Xiao P has a nice little playground for a while. Lets see what exactlly can he do in his playground.

These are some of the things he has on his playground. There is a de-smell toilet just in case he needed it during playtime. It is the white triangle building in the left bottom.

At the top is a platform where there is tress and fences for he to have a good view.

In between these is a see-saw which will move about when he walk by... He likes to walk under it too.

At the middle top is the tree where he can climb onto or into because there is a hold in it.

Below that is a tray which he can keep some of his stuff like food etc. It also move about acting like a toy for him.

Last but not least is the flower wheel on top which bents in 2 angle allow him to run vertical or horizontal.

Xiao P has other toys in the playground, but I will leave that in another session.


Sook Lin said...

Hey Xiao P! , nice hamster playground! Was wondering where did you get the playground set from?

Nemesis said...

Mostly from pet shop. Some from yahoo auction.

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