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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

To Quit or Not to Quit, that is not the question...

Recently, there were 2 resignations at my office. One of them happened to be pretty close to me and told me a rather sad story. Due to his unforsee circustances, he needs to be with his wife back in his country in Sri Lanka. He had submitted a resignation for 1 month notice as that.

However, the shocking truth was that the contract state 2 months of notice. This comes to a shock to me as I thought there should not be such a long and demanding period. However, to my horror, the company is not willing to be flexible (given that this company is kinda liek a dot net, but ran by ex-gov bosses (which may be the reason)). Therefore, they way they "compromise" was to give him the 1 month period, but to deduce away 1 months pay. That is to say he practically worked for free for the whole month of March and he has to return home empty with that. Now, and I wondered why there were ~115 employee in the past 5 years...

Anyway, that was the sad part of his story. Now is the sad part of mine story. I rushed home yesterday and checked my contract... it says 2MONTHS! OMFG!!!

Looks like I am pretty screwed as well. Now, I must calm down and remember what the art of wars teaches. Well, anyway there is a saying : 先发制人,后发制于人. While I still have the initiative, I should consider carefully my timing and chances to strike first. Must make sure they will not have a chance to react (like real, its a 2 month period). I know this is a one way ticket to hell, but I am ready to do it...

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