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Friday, April 20, 2007

No Shopping Day

Yes, that the very first Wednesday of each month. Singapore has just declared the day as Bad Shopping Day. Sales will drop. You will need less staff on that day. Also expect more complains and frustration on that day. Why? That day, 9 major supermarket is going to stop giving away plastic bag to contain your purchase (for free).

I am not a anti-environmentalist. I fully support the idea that you should save (plastic) and not waste. However, charging the customer each for 10cents is a bit ridiculous. I am sure the cost is like 1cents each only. So the supermarkets wins both way. You forget to bring, they knife you with a high cost. You remember to bring, they save cost anyway by not providing... No wonder the supermarket is ~~~so~~~ supportive of this movement!

I still remember back then when I did not wanted to use their plastic bag and just kept the item into my existing one and guess what? All I get from the unfriendly challenge from a security guard that I had stolen their goods. So, I can finally do that on this day and walk right in front of the security guard, back and forth and I wan tto see what he can do about it! Hmph! But seriously, if everyone really do that and does not pay for it... This will also be known as Stealing Day for many.

Let me propose something. Why don't the supermarket reward people for bringing their own bag instead? If you request that you do not want plastic bag, maybe a 1% rebate or something... Now, jaws will drop from the supermarket people. This must be insane right? No way they will support this right? Fundementally, this whole issue is never about saving the tree (plastic) or the environment. It's all a well disguise cast saving, customer blaming scheme.

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