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Monday, April 16, 2007

Hacking a Coke Machine

There has been several ones out there long time ago. However, I recently came across one from Singapore really.

Well, its badly made and they never really explain how its done. And from the way they did it, I don't think they just PoC, they actually ripped Coke off. This I do not approve. They are not very clever apparently since there is a camera taking all this and their face down. I don't know about Singapore Law, but I believe it can be a crimnial offense.

Ok, about what I know of Coke hacking. The above basically is to block the exit so that the coke machine think no drinks come out. The rest you figure it out. What I want to say was there was better things to play with the machine. Back in ***, ok maybe I better not mention the place. Its even possible to get all the changes out of the machine, change the pricing, check how much bottle left etc. Also I want to mention that there is control jumper panel behind which you can enable more debug mode cheat just like the arche machine. Cool?

Tell you whats more cool. You do not even need to touch the coke machine to get money from them. Just social engineer them. Hint : There is a number on the coke machine to report failure. Supposely you put in a couple of dollars and nothing came up. So you call right? Ask for refund... Well, I am not going to reveal too much, but trust me, its possible to get a couple of dollars from them just be calling. And guess what's more? The refund comes in vouchers, which are not tracked. Just call them again to say you did not receive the refund and they refund you one more time!

Tell me about it... Next Hacking Pepsi Machines... :)

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