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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

FDA Pet Food Recall

After the recent recall of pet food by MenuFood, more and more companies has been announcing and recalling their products as well. Among which affected is Natural Balance, which is supposely ORGANIC and I must say I am bad luck enough to switch over just recently.

Story :

List of Recall Food (Always Updated) :

To cut the story short this was what happened (according to me). Most companies do not grow their own wheat somehow and has bought them from a source in China. However, this batch somehow got conteminated and as a result some 10s of pets died and many others fell sick. FDA issued a recall.

Thats just how organic things can get? How safe can food from China be? We have so much stories there that I do not even feel like repeating! Now, add a criteria to your food selection... Source of food!

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