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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stop the Killing... Save the Dolphin

Recently I came across a rather shocking footage of Japanese dolphin trade... There is certainly some amount of cruelty I can tolerate, but what I saw I deem far out of my level. I believe that dolphin are after animals of similar intelligence to human and should be treated with respect, but these people in the footage is not even killing for food. They are almost enjoying it. How can we even swallow this in our sushi and tempura? But, my friend, I want you to see this for yourself and decide. Maybe after this you will really think that 2 atomic bombs is not enough.

Well, there is something you can do, do sign a petition against dolphin killing here :

And when you buy salmon, be sure to check that the salmon is taken from dolphin friendly source. Many fisherman do not adopt such practice and dolphins get killed because of salmon harvesting. I do must say I owe my life to a dolphin, so for once I am very serious about this. Do support the movement against this.

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Michael said...

I agree completely with tour position over the dolphin slaughter. Most fishermen rather enjoy killing the dolphins. Most are killed for food, but others are taken to aquariums and amusement parks for the Japanese's entertainment. I also agree with you on making sure to check that what seafood you are eating is dolphin-friendly because many dolphins are "accidentally" killed when fishermen are trying to hunt other fish. The Japanese government is doing something to slow the killng down, but the fishermen keep on breaking the laws that are set (such as a dolphin quota on how many dolphins are allowed to be killed annually). I guess protesting and petitioning is not enough to influence people to stop this mercilless slaughter. I've seen a video that tapes Japanese fishermen slitting the throats of dolphins and watching their guts spew out. The fishermen let the public watch, and it looks as if they enjoy killing the dolphins before their meat is packaged and shipped across the globe. It is extremely wrong to kill such innocent creatures. We should save the dolphins and protect them from further killings. We should keep them far away from the reaches of extiction.

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