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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Souyou no Fafner

Ok, finally got something good to recommend. Souyou no Fafner. Don't worry about what it means. Literally, Fafner of the Azure. Anyway, you will know when you come to the end of the anime why its named so. Its not the typical happy ever after kind of movie. To be frank, they killed off a main character right out in the early episodes... which left a lot of percussion in the remaining of the series.
Its a pretty good story. Something in the future 20xx where Festum (kinda metal form aliens) descend onto earth and cause the begining of a great war. I do not want to spoilt too much of it, but whatever that is to seem at hte start, the happy friends, school, everything is not what it seems. And everything is heading to a sad sad ending. I am not saying I love sad ending, but war is a fact and people die. This anime do not glorify it like some other.
I must say the pace and the audio is really good. The EP and ED songs, Shangri-La and Seperation are really great. I must say overall, I highly recommend this anime. Guess what, my guess is pretty good. There is no Korean involved in this one and it turns out fantastic. See my previous post about bad animes.

Finally, a link to the English website :

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