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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Transformers : More mistakes than meets the eyes!

Yes, 4 months before the show I am already forseeing this to be a disaster! Other than the few points I pointed out in the previous post :

1. Optimus Prime model is wrong
2. Bumble bee looks like a monster

Here are some which I already spoted :

1. Megatron has been changed into a Jet from a Gun.
2. Scorpinok was suppose to be huge. His size is to be rivial by Metroplex. Of course, there was Fortress Maximus later...
3. Originally Devastator was in the movie, but not the same Constructicon we know. We can only hope to see any of those 5-in-1 in Transformers 2.
4. No Dinobots. Yes, not even one of them.


Btw, here are some pretty hard questions for your Transformers fan out there.

1. How many cassettle "pets" did Soundwave have? Can you name them all?
2. In one of the episode, there was an Autobot who can transform in to a Flying Saucer and did not want to be part of the war. What is his name?
3. Who created Defensor?
4. Who was it that Optimus Prime is able to merge with in G2/3 to become a more powerful Optimus?

Finally, the trailer :

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