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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This is yet another failure attempt to use total 3D to do animation. There were Final Fantasy : The movie, then at least FF7-2 did a better job, but this is disastrous. I do not know if I have the nose for bad anime or what, Sousei no Aquarion was quite bad and so was this. One thing in common though... Call me racist, but both these anime has very strong korean staff backing... Most of the staff are korean...

Back to Run=Dim, I find that it tries too hard to be Gundam. Notice that even the word RUNDIM and GUNDAM is like only 2 letters differences... The enemy mech using green like Zaku and 2 fractions, one in space, one on Earth is just too much of a copycat. I am more of the Old Gundam fan so I believe in the New Type and all the tragedy. I even wrote a Gundam fan story named Gundam : Mobile Dark Revelation. Well, I did not finished it all the way to the final showdown between Gundam Archangel and Gundam Lucifer, but enough people had died along the way to make it. This is what is lacking here... Nobody important really dies until the last episode and those who it were like we saw it coming all along.

In terms of story, I would say its ok, but not original. The 3D is ok, but it doesn't beat animation anyday. The characters are hard to like though. The romance never really take place. The friendship never really had a chance either.

Well, at least I want to say something good. That's the ending theme, Heavens Knows. Its Japanese (phew) and its pretty cool beat.

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