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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Grand Seasons International

Just got a call. My contact was pickup from somewhere I drop in those major shopping mall. I had won a Watch, A Spa voucher and a free stay at some hotel. Sound good? Sound familiar? Sound like Timeshare. :)

I chatted with the lady and ask if I needed to attend any talks, any seminar whatever. She say no, just see an exibition and this company wants to promote long term relationship with customer. They even dare company themselves to Chan Brothers. Anyone from Chan Brothers should get this. This comments is definitely unhealthy for your image!

So I dragged and dragged. Told her my wife cannot attend... Ba ba.. while I can buy time to check them out. Guess what, the place to collect : Delfi Orchard... The Timeshare blackspot of Singapore. sorry to say, I do not think any respectable company will house themselve in that building.

Google it man. And some nice links here :
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Ok, we definitely hit it this time. buts lets make the best of the situation. Can I gain anything out of this? Try to counter-con them? Set up a chance to CASE to get them? But I tried so many times and CASE doesn't really give a damn until I become a victim. So passiveness! If they do not proactively catch these matchstick men, there is no way to make Singapore a clean timeshare-less nation.

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