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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Evolution of Banking

I had seen how banking is evolving but is really kinda worried at the latest stage this is getting to... Lets take a look at the cycle :

Paper Banking -> ATM Banking -> Phone Banking -> Internet Banking -> Home Banking

What is home banking? Well, its something you can only do at home and not elsewhere. Why? Because we need a 2FA token now. this 2 factor authentication token is small, but would someone carries like a whole bunch of them, one for each bank? No, not me. I have a few and they all stay at home. no more banking in the office, banking at Macdonald (btw, that is so the wrong thing to do) and banking at Microsoft. I can only bank at home now.

This is certainly not a step forward. Some bank tries to overcome this by giving a mobile phone option which is much better. Otherwise, I really hope they can sit down and unify the token instead. There is just not enough common sense to assume people will carry all the bunch of token all around.

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