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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The blind can see, in Singapore!

Yes, do not believe me? Ask Singapore's blind superstar Chen Wei Lian. He personally claim that Andy Lau's and Faye Wong's dancing sucks and they are still super star!

Its just a few days ago on the newspaper. Its was not that I am not sympathetic to the disabled, but one should never had been as aggrogant as him. In the first place, I had never support him and I didn't think out of all the unblind people in Singapore, there is no better man. I had always felt it was a joke some country had elected a blind president. Well, Singapore had a blind super star!

That aside, out of everyone, he is the last that has the right to comment about other people dancing! If he comment about bad singing, I will not penalize him. Moreover, if you had watched Andy Lau's Vision 2006 tour, you would know that commenting him about his dancing is not fair at all. Being disabled doesn't give one the priviledge to condemn others without using the brain (well, unless the disabled has no brain, then excuse me).

Not that I really dislike Wei Lian, but this time he just gone too far!

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