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Thursday, January 04, 2007

MS Office 2007 for FREE!

Microsoft is giving away MS Office 2007 for free... WEll almost anyway. If you bought or buy MS Office 2003 now, you are eligible for the free upgrade which they will ship to you. I know that the brochure out there is very misleading and many people are asking these questions :

1. OEM and VLK can upgrade?
2. Acad version is not upgradable?
3. Only Full version product can be upgraded. Upgrade product cannot?
4. Office XP can also upgrade?
5. Star Office can trade in for Office 2007?

OK, that last 2 is obviously BS. For Qn 1 is cannot. For Qn 2 and 3 is CAN.
Goto this website for Singapore delivery and check they version you have and what you can upgrade to. You will need your invoice as well as your barcode though.

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