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Saturday, January 27, 2007

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Here are some stats for the visits and hits on my site. Interesting?

Thanks for visiting

Thanks for visiting my blog. Here are a brief sumamry you can actually read off Google Analytics. Amazing is it not? I did not even know I have audience all the way from Europe and American! Wow! thanks for visiting me, I will work harder to make this place a good place and a good experience for everyone!

Happy Birthday to me!

Its been the dreaded day that come finally. My birthday has just passed 24 hours ago.
Well, how many people remember? Up to now, I know 3. And at least one of them is not from Singapore... :)

Well, I had a crazy day at the Zoo and Night Safari. Anyway, that I can tell more in another entry. Now, leave your comments and say Happy Birthday to me. Haha.

Monday, January 22, 2007


No, I am not talking about those guys who fly the A10 Thunderbolt into the eye of the storm to collect data... I am talking about an animal which is able to detect storm way before it comes. Its reaction : Take cover. He will hide in all places. In the cupboard, on the bed beside you, in the shelf. You name it. Even far before the thunder is here, he knows. Forget about weather report, just talk a look at him and you know whether you will need that umbrella.

Introducing : Bobi, StormWatcher.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Mistake... Vista Editions

In my over excitment, I made a mistake about the upgrade. WinXP MCE can only upgrade to Home premium and not Ultimate. Well, its still worth something... But its not perfect. To know whats the differences? See this :

Office and Vista in the machine

OK, just in case I get bugged about the the preinstalled or bundle together version of Office and Vista. That is also eligible. But one good news, you do not need the invoice. You will need some info from the sticker behind the notebook etc. Bad news, there is no one URL for this. Go google yourself for " [Office 2007Vista] Express Upgrade".

And you know what? The Starhub notebook which we can get for a 2 years contract is running WinXP MCE which actually gives you ... Vista Home Ultimate! Yes! Grab that stupid notebook now and save yoursave AUD$800 buying Windows Vista Ultimate!

I have the HP/Compaq link here :

MS Vista for Free too

Yes, I know you will ask this. Yes, for Windows Vista you can get it free too. Same thing, both upgrade and full version can be upgraded. You will also need the invoice and the barcode.

MS Office 2007 for FREE!

Microsoft is giving away MS Office 2007 for free... WEll almost anyway. If you bought or buy MS Office 2003 now, you are eligible for the free upgrade which they will ship to you. I know that the brochure out there is very misleading and many people are asking these questions :

1. OEM and VLK can upgrade?
2. Acad version is not upgradable?
3. Only Full version product can be upgraded. Upgrade product cannot?
4. Office XP can also upgrade?
5. Star Office can trade in for Office 2007?

OK, that last 2 is obviously BS. For Qn 1 is cannot. For Qn 2 and 3 is CAN.
Goto this website for Singapore delivery and check they version you have and what you can upgrade to. You will need your invoice as well as your barcode though.

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