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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

To tell or not to tell?

Just in the evening, J saw a strange package on the MRT and asked me what to do about it. I simply told her take a look what it is and then decide. If it’s a bomb, it’s probably better if you leave it there, anything else of value might as well take it. But seriously, we all saw the advertisement telling us that we should report anything suspicious. What most people did not know is that there is an alternative ending to the advertisement.

“There was no bomb found. The woman was charged for falsely reporting of a bomb and disruption public transport. She is sentence to 12 year imprisonment and … “

Well, what do you think of it? The biggest problem I find in this society is that it does not reward those we would stand up out the crowd. This has to be changed or else who would ever risk their neck for others. Its not that nobody realized there is a package there. Everyone saw it. But nobody is willing to take the risk of reporting it. The law here favors the punishment more than the reward so to speak.

Therefore, I still think although I did not mean it, what I advised is probably the right thing to do except I should add that if it’s a bomb, you should just leave it alone and leave the train ASAP. Bomb is after all not out business and we do not know if it’s a real bomb. Reporting it and proven a fake one will still end you up in jail. So what’s the point?

My 2 cents. To be honest, I saw a laptop left behind before and it was the biggest temptation I had faced. But I left it alone. Damn, must be mad I am not? I hate myself sometimes...

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