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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Executive Desktop

At a recent computer fair, you won a Executive Desktop in a lucky draw for buying some few hundred dollars of products. Now, how many of you actually have any idea what “The Executive Desktop” is?

1. Microsoft Executive Desktop Keyboard Suite
2. Some desktop computer system
3. Some sort of palm size electronic device

Well, I suppose that covers all right?
You will be very surprise my friend. To collect the item, you will have to go to another place somewhere in Macpherson. The catch is that when you collect it, so does you warranty starts. I am sure we remember Philips tried to pull this, times after times. Giving away electrical goods like coffee makers and stuff. But at least that quite worth it! Its your choice to take it or not.

Anyway, I was there to collect it. There is a list to sign and everyone practically got The Executive Desktop. I saw like 10 person listed with address, hp and whatever you want you name it… Then the office girl brought out The Executive Desktop…

The following item may be scary to some people, please do not proceed if you feel that you can stand the urge to find out what it is…

Hint : Its got nothing to do with computer...

Still want to see?

It not worth much...

Its not very useful either, you can't connect it to anything...

Damn, its not even worth collecting...

OK, here is it :

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh my god, i just plan to collect it. I win it for buying a external hard disk by Achieva Technology Pte Ltd.

Thank you for your info.

BTW: What on earth is the damn goods? A kind of electronical calendars?

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