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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The day there was no internet...

It finally happened. The most horrifying movie of the year turns reality. The Internet was down for the whole of asia for like 2 days now... 6 submarine pipes where broken during the 7.2 scale earthquake in Taiwan.

2 death. 32 injured. MILLIONS of people crippled by the internet.

Haiz. What can I say. There was a time when Xmas is about giving present and enjoying turkeys. Now its about disaster and internet problems. I wont be surprised if Bin F-cking Laden will come out and claim that he caused the Internet failure (or even the earthquake itself)... Funny... but I find it hard to laugh.

The Internet has became so a part of our life that we cant live without it anymore... I can only hope that everything get fixed soon. But FAT hope that is. According to Starhub (you know what SingNet has not even made an annoucement about this yet...) has claim that this will take like 3 weeks to fix. 3 WEEKS!!!

Its time for a long vacation I say. Somewhere cold and no need for Internet perhaps. Syberia? Hehe :P Or maybe its finally the right time to down all my servers and perform the OS upgrade they had long due to perform. Maybe with a compliment AV scan and defrag. Now will be the good time.

Hell, I should spend less time on the Internet. This is clearly an addiction. I should not evne be writting on this blog now. I am going for a cup of coffee and a slow walk in the rain.

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