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Friday, December 22, 2006

Chaos vs Order

When is there a time when Chaos is better? Think harder...

In Singapore, there is too much order if you ask me. Everything must queue. So Singaporean can easily win any contest as far as queuing is concerned. There are people who queue for like 1 week just for a place in school, queue overnight for Hello Kitties, queue for flats that hasn't been released yet... And you ask whose fault is it? My question is WHY they let these people queue?

Is queuing better? Suppose all is by ballot. Just lock in your tickets and picked by random. There will be no queue. As long as you lock in before the end of period. Will this be a better system? Everyone is equal. It does not matter if you queue first or come at the last minute. It does not matter if you heard about it and started queuing 1 week ago... Will this be better. Less crowds. Less people crowding in small places waiting for a disaster to happen. Well, I know you will think of terrorist, but even a stampede could at killed many.

If you do agree random picking is better. Then you have agreed with me that this is a time when chaos is better than order. In Chaos everyone is the same. There is no someone is "more" equal than others.

Chaos Cultist :
"We are Chaos and Chaos is strong!"

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