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Saturday, November 04, 2006

We are Shinobi!

There are people like me who works in the shadows. Customer comes with a job, we do it. Nobody to tell about, nobody else needs to know. Its just the job.

Simply comes down to a few simple rules.

1. No names.
2. No questions.
3. We forget EVERYTHING after it is completed.

And there is no package if thats what you are asking. :P

That really kinda comes to make me feel like we are Shinobi of feural Japan. We live to battle, to conquer our enemies. We are warriors of the shadow.

The only fear that I can think of is one day, just maybe, the whole security thing is over. Everything on the internet is safe. No more hackers, no more fraud or phishing. Maybe crooks find some better way to make a living such as selling souls or something. Then what will happen to the shadow knights who protected the internet? Are we then no longer needed? We live to fight, when there is no war, we cease to have a reason to live. In fact, our existance then might perhaps threaten the very thing that we were out to protect today. Did anyone think of that when they ACTUALLY said they wanted a SAFE world to live in...?

In conclusion, hackers and crooks are good. They are the reason why we exist. If one day they disappear, we will have to disappear into the darkness once again...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

and so u can change job, and thats not a bad thing. :D

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