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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Britannica is now on Vista!

I had torn down the Win XP OS from Alphonso and reinstalled. Now I had rename the machine to Britannica and its running .. YES, Windows VISTA RTM! I actually dint even bother to migrate my settings (can also say I overlook and forgot to backup before I wipe). I thought, new OS, lets start anew then. Just need to backup my old photos, old emails and stuff all put on CDs and start a fresh. Its been like 10 long years of Internet anyway. I still have those Eudora emails and Lotus Notes emails from my hospital jobs FCS.

Now, there are some MAJOR hardware issues as well. I had to put out the soundcard. Hercules is not likely to continue to support the Fortissimo 7.1 anyway. Guess it may be a good time to let go. I had to let my 5 years scanner go as well. After all those years, I guess time has finally forces me to move on.

Well anyway SITEX is coming so I guess its a good timing.

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