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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Britannica is now on Vista!

I had torn down the Win XP OS from Alphonso and reinstalled. Now I had rename the machine to Britannica and its running .. YES, Windows VISTA RTM! I actually dint even bother to migrate my settings (can also say I overlook and forgot to backup before I wipe). I thought, new OS, lets start anew then. Just need to backup my old photos, old emails and stuff all put on CDs and start a fresh. Its been like 10 long years of Internet anyway. I still have those Eudora emails and Lotus Notes emails from my hospital jobs FCS.

Now, there are some MAJOR hardware issues as well. I had to put out the soundcard. Hercules is not likely to continue to support the Fortissimo 7.1 anyway. Guess it may be a good time to let go. I had to let my 5 years scanner go as well. After all those years, I guess time has finally forces me to move on.

Well anyway SITEX is coming so I guess its a good timing.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Welcome to a new member of the family - Xiao P!

Xiao P is a gift from J. He is now a part of the family. Xiao P is a Pudding Hamster. He is about 2 months old now. I hope he will have a good time here being part of the house.

Already here for 2 days, we have found his bad habit : SLEEPING!

Who waste the most paper?

Simple question : Who waste the most paper sending you spam mail?

The answer :

All these came in 1 single letter. Let me see, its about 15 pages of A4 paper or so... We have our winner! Thank you so much for killing our forest, Reader Digest!

Old man stealing from the Recycle Bin!

On one hand we try to recycle all the papers, bottles etc... There are nice bins for us to put those in so that they are recycled... But what wrong here? In the middle of Raffles Place MRT, this man is taking all the paper out of the bin. And guess what, he leaves the rest alone. That clearly tells us this man is NOT the collector for the bins! He collects alright, but for his own profit!
And why is that wrong?
He is making all of us a fool and a tool for his profit. We recycle, he make money out of it. Well, he might not even recycle it at all. Someone will say, sure we dun want them anyway, whats wrong with letting him have it? EVERYTHING is wrong. The recycle company will not be able to collect their recycle item and as a result lost of revenue. This is exactly why everyone does not want to recycle. Its costly, labour intensive and now we have scavenger like this stealing the stuff. This is same as the galan guni who steal the recycle bags!
Well, to think that I will be make use by this old man, I say I rather now recycle. Lets us all burn in hell then.

Britannica Down for Vista!

Brittannica is taken down for upgrade. This is the first of the many to come to upgrade to Windows Vista after it was finally realized to MSDN members. I had it running on RC1 before, but that even took me quite some trouble. Well, good luck to me and here I goes...

Masters of Horror Season 2 Lineup
Yes, I can't wait to see season 2. Season 1 was really great! But still even till today, this is all the info we can get.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Upgrade Ubuntu 6.06 to Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6.10

Many of the upgrade guides has presumed you did not have the CD.
Well this is the one that presumed you do.
Download the CD from and then burn it out.

Run :
apt-cdrom add

to add the CD to your source.

Next, you will want to upgrade immediately with :
apt-get dist-upgrade

This will take a while to get all the new updated modules into your Ubuntu from the CD.

Then now, run :
sed -e ’s/\sdapper/ edgy/g’ -i /etc/apt/sources.list

to modify your source to take from 6.10 instead of 6.06 in the future.

To complete, make sure you run :
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

to fetch and update the rest of the stuff from the web.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

We are Shinobi!

There are people like me who works in the shadows. Customer comes with a job, we do it. Nobody to tell about, nobody else needs to know. Its just the job.

Simply comes down to a few simple rules.

1. No names.
2. No questions.
3. We forget EVERYTHING after it is completed.

And there is no package if thats what you are asking. :P

That really kinda comes to make me feel like we are Shinobi of feural Japan. We live to battle, to conquer our enemies. We are warriors of the shadow.

The only fear that I can think of is one day, just maybe, the whole security thing is over. Everything on the internet is safe. No more hackers, no more fraud or phishing. Maybe crooks find some better way to make a living such as selling souls or something. Then what will happen to the shadow knights who protected the internet? Are we then no longer needed? We live to fight, when there is no war, we cease to have a reason to live. In fact, our existance then might perhaps threaten the very thing that we were out to protect today. Did anyone think of that when they ACTUALLY said they wanted a SAFE world to live in...?

In conclusion, hackers and crooks are good. They are the reason why we exist. If one day they disappear, we will have to disappear into the darkness once again...

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